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My husband and I had been married about a yr and he introduced me to a small vibrator. He was surprised when I told him I had never seen one or tried one. I am Filipina and in my country things of this nature weren't easily found. He loved my enjoyment and as I lay with my eyes closed and legs open he caused a sensation on my clit unlike any before. I couldn't believe how good it felt. About a week later we were playing around and the bedroom light was off . I told him to get the vibrator he bought. He agreed and returned fast and was applying a lubricant when I felt the vibration I had grown to love suddenly. He was applying a light pressure and soon it felt like something was being pressed against my pussy lips and I reached over to turn on the night light and saw this penis looking device. I asked him what that was and he said it is a realistic penis that vibrates as well. It wasn't much larger than his own so I decided to see what happened. He inserted it a bit very slowly but kept the first vibrator applied to my clit making circles on my clit. He had about half of this new penis looking vibrator in me and asked if it was ok and I said yes it is about the size of yours and feels pretty much real. He explained it was the material it was made of. As he inserted more and the pumping thrusts were quickened I came. He really liked it as like the first time with the vibrator only I squirted. I never did this before even when my husband and I made love and no sex toy involved. This was a most enjoyable feeling to me yet somewhat embarrassing as there was a huge wet pool of my juices soaked into the bed sheet. Then one nite he had the computer on and after I had showered he told me to get a sheer baby doll nightie to wear and when when he didn't come into the bedroom I called him to tell him I was ready. He insisted that I come to the front room where he was at with the computer and sit on his lap. I did but just out of politeness since he called me to come to him. I wanted to be in the bedroom with the vibrators. He was showing me the people on the website and it was men, women, couples some dressed , some in revealing clothing and some nude. I asked him what this was and he said it's a free site for adults. I sat in his lap and watched and saw there was dialogue as well. Someone was commenting on breasts and they loved the baby doll nightie. I was shocked. I asked if he thought they were talking about mine and he laughed and said he didn't know. I was now curious as to what this sirte was all about as I never searched such bold sites. Soon my nipples were growing hard and erect. He began massaging my breasts pulling and pinching my nipples. I said let's go to the bed and he said no wait. He was removing my top and I was ok with this as I was getting horny. He then said yes, they are talking about you honey. I asked how could they see me? He said he had a web cam turned on and I was shocked more. I told him to turn it off and he was by now rubbing on my clit thru my sheer baby doll panty. I was moaning his favorite tune and he knew it. He pulled them to the side and rubbed around and just inside my pussy and said I someone is wet and I was. I asked again can we go to the bedroom now. He said just stand for a second and pulled my panty off completely. Then he had me to sit in his lap again except this time I had to put the heels of my feet on the desk. I was soaking wet and horny. When he told me to wait a minute I felt something pressing against my pussy and slowly being inserted. I wasn't going to stop him and thought it was the same penis shaped vibrator he had used on me before. Then when I realized it wasn't I opened my eyes to see this really huge cock like dildo about three inches maybe in me. I asked him what the hell was he doing and he told me to relax and see what it was like as he knew I liked the other smaller one. I hesitantly agreed but again I was super horny but told him this one was too big can we go to the bedroom please. He inserted a bit more ignoring me and somewhat scaring me and began slow rhythmic motions in and out and I was being overcome with a new passion I never knew. He told me to lay back on him and enjoy it and I did just that. He must have had seven or eight inches in me by then and I was cumming and he knew it. I asked him please let's go to the bedroom I am horny. He ignored me and the entire dildo was being pushed farther and farther in me and I told him babe this feels like another man and he kept it up . He said enjoy it and cum as many times as you can. I wanted to go to the bedroom and told him and he said when he was finished here first and when I told him this was now like **** he said if that were the case I couldn't stop it and to enjoy it. He was putting this porn star sized penis dildo all the way in and he announced it was ten inches insertable. I came and came so many times. He wasn't going to stop until he made me masturbate it myself and suck his cock and I agreed to ashamedly feeling like a whore.

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